About thumbed

Thumbed, Zierikzee


Our client base has always been diverse, right from the start. Commercial parties to governments, food to fashion, from tv ad to company profile... all sorts and sizes.  The vast majority of our work takes place in The Netherlands, yet we also service clients in other countries. Some shoots or events take place on another continent - we'll make it happen.

We cherish this diversity. Each company or organisation have their own goals, target audiences, and messages to communicate through video. Finding the right tone for each video - custom work for every client - is what challenges us each and every time.


Both educated in the field of marketing and communication, we launched our company in 2005. Two man strong, we do often work in a bigger picture. In cooperation with an advertising agency, fellow filmmaker or as directors of a full production team. When the job calls for it, we can rely on our network of trustworthy professionals - each a specialist in their specific field of work. 

Quality first. Not only in the end-result, but also during the whole process towards the final product. Clear agreements, on-time delivery and all within budget. That's the way it works.